Integrated Notification Management

Now, notification requests can me structured so recipients only receive notifications until a successful condition is reached. Insure the notification occurs while minimizing irritation on the part of the recipient. 

For Example;

Suppose you have 3 phone numbers for the recipient. Under INM, numbers would be dialed one at a time;conditions are monitored to determine whether or not a person answered, or, it went to voice mail.  once a person answers, they are asked whether or not they are the target of the notification; if not, continue on; if so; any remaining notifications are skipped. Responses to SMS (text) messages, and/or, Emails can also bne used to complete a notification request.

Multi Lingual Notifications

Notifications can be set up where recipient can switch between english and another language.  


Labor is probably your highest cost controllable cost.  Reminding patients of upcoming appointments is one of the simplest ways of increasing revenues to your practice by improving your capture rate.  But using your employees to place these calls may not be the most cost effective way to get it done.  Let Text Medical (tm) do this for you.

Appointment reminder automation is easy with Garbin Development's Text Medical Service! Text Medical delivers phone, email and text message appointment reminders to make sure all your patients are reminded of their scheduled visit. Our automated messages use patient-specific details and a two-way interaction to maximize response rates from your patients. Recent survey results indicate that patients actually prefer an automated appointment reminder to a live call.

 Appointment Reminders


Our SMS Gateway is taking the SMS & mobile marketing business in a new direction with marketing solutions that are not only reasonable in cost, but are customized to fit individual SMS text marketing needs. Text Medical saves our messaging customers an average of 70% over other Bulk SMS text message marketing providers. Text Medical customers experience easy to use mobile notification tools and excellent support, all at the best prices available. Don't believe us...just read the reviews!


Text Messaging*** is an effective tool for communications with your patient base.  Event notifications, appointment reminders, and requests for follow-up, without playing "telephone tag" increases the productivity of you and your staff, and has the potential of reducing missed appointments by 25% or more.

*** is a fully compliant, true SMS messaging provider that offers low cost text and voice message packages to the medical community.  With two way communications, you can issue an appointment reminder, and, provide a mechanism for the patient to confirm the appointment, or to cancel it and request a reschedule.


Text Message Notification, also known as mobile messaging is one of the most effective and cost efficient ways to upgrade any business or service. The process to start reaching your customers via SMS text messages is simple. Select a keyword unique to your purpose, promote your short code and keyword (example: Text wellness to 77948 for information on our wellness programs), send your mobile marketing message with our group text message software, start watching your customers respond and cashing in on your minimal investment.